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One of the best ways to keep up with all the crazy things the WooFDriver does is to follow us on Social Media.  We have many accounts on mant different services.  Check them out below and follow us!

WooFDriver Main Facebook Page

All things WooFDriver, primarily centered on his outdoor adventurtes with his dogs

Never Seen B4

Dedicated to the extreme lengths the WooFDriver goes to give his huskies the ultimate lifestyle

Huskies Gone WILD

How the WooFDriver tames the wild side of his dogs through appealing to their instincts and training.

Husky Life

Dedicated to all huskies, WooFDriver's and the world's

WereWoofs Facebook Page

The latest ghostly happenings from the our paranormal investigator crew-- WereWoofs! Those bumps in the night just may be your worst fear!

WoofDriver Urban Mushing

Dedicated to the urban mushing activities of the WooFDriver, what he likes to call Dog Powered Go-Carts!

The WooFPak

All about WooFDriver's Husky Team - The WooFPak!


WooFDriver has taken tens of thousands of pictures for over 20 years. See them all here, categorized and searchable!



WooFDriver's primary youtube channel. Find hundreds of videos of his adventures, from trails to lure coursing, from quadcopter aerial views of mountains, to runs on the beach.


WooFDriver music videos of his own parodies. Videos of LIVE musicians on his dog carts. Crazy skits for fun. It's all here!



WooFdriver's primary Instagram feed. See pictures from the trail, as they happen!

My Huskies Got Talent

Instagram dedicated to making YOUR talented husky famous. Send in pictures of your husky, and we make magazine covers and videos for you!

Famous Huskies

About Huskies and their involvement from Music to History...

WooFDriver 512

WooFDriver Twitter

Do you Tweet? WooFDriver does. Follow here for spur of the moment thoughts and pictures straight from the WooFDriver!


WooFDriver Soundcloud

Loved that song in a one of our videos, find it here! Along with podcasts and songs you may have never heard in a video.


Relaxation, meditation, and FUN music for Dogs and people to enjoy!!

In the WooFHouse

Live recordings of your favorite hits, by amazing artists performing while RIDING our dog carts! You've GOT to hear this!


WooFDriver produced Dog Poetry. Collection includes poems recited and performed, some with music.