WooF’s Big Wheels

WooF's Big Wheels

WooF’s Big Wheels is named after the Big Wheels trikes from childhood. It looks a lot like the Big Wheel except this trike has two wheels in front and one in the back.  It’s the only single-seater trike in the fleet. This bike is light and reliable, whereas the other single-seater which is a quad is heavy.

Woof’s Big Wheel’s components are minimal. A recumbent bike, it offers the same features as most the others, but it’s more simple and compact, but with fat wheels. The fat wheels are good for going over diverse terrain. They provide much more cushion and comfort, and you can let some air out of the tires to really absorb the ride. It’s a good bike for almost anyone who wants to get involved with dogs and urban mushing due to its lightweight design and comfort.

It’s adapted to hold a more conventional bike rack like those found on many two-wheel bikes, for water and other essentials.

Woof’s Big Wheel is painted Granny Smith apple green and has customized dog rails that keep the dogs nicely spaced away from the bike. The rails also provide a good way to put custom dog attachments. Because they are not welded on, they can slide to position the dogs closer or further apart.


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