What’s that thing the WooFDriver is riding?

Including his bikes (a.k.a., “ADVs”, or “All Dog Vehicles”), which have been custom-built for mushing on different terrains, over the years the WooFDriver has built up a vast fleet of vehicles for all his various dog-related activities.
He has scooters and ATVs for when the dogs are off-leash; the “Dog Bus” for day-to-day dog transport; and a Ford Excursion called the “Jumbo Jet,” which is capable of holding all the dogs, people, and gear he may need on his adventures. The Jumbo Jet is actually a combination of two trucks welded together!
Each mode of transportation has a unique purpose. The WooFDriver puts a lot of thought into the execution of their design and incorporates the latest technology whenever possible so that they run smoothly, operate safely and efficiently, and look cool to boot.
You can see pictures and learn more about his fleet of vehicles here.

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