The Bat MUSH Mobile

The newest addition to the WooFDriver fleet of Dog-Powered Go-Carts is the Bat Mush Mobile!

Built in SPRING 2018, the Bat Mush Mobile is the result of years of on-the-trail learning. WooFDriver views designing his Dog-Powered Go-Carts as an evolutionary process, perfecting them as he goes based upon his dogs needs and the terrain the WooFPAK encounters.

Painted Batman Gold, the Bat Mush Mobile is the first themed build, based on the infamous Batmobile. The design incorporates bat logo silhouettes placed in creative (sometimes inconspicuous) locations, and some even have red L.E.D. eyes.

Slightly wider than the narrowest Dog-Powered Go-Cart in WooFDriver’s fleet (the Monster Mush Mobile) by about two inches, the Bat Mush Mobile is about 34”, still under the standard 36” for most trail gates.

With a 1000-watt mid-drive Bafang motor, powered by two 52-volt lithium batteries, the Bat Mush Mobile has plenty of power. A tandem cart, WooFDriver can have a copilot for long trail runs, and the dogs are in standard position using springers like on his other carts.

What’s unique about the Bat Mush Mobile, is that it’s the first cart of the fleet designed specifically with WooFDriver’s older dog, Princess, in mind. Ever looking after his dogs’ needs, WooFDriver wanted to make sure Princess has a place to sit in her specially crafted dog seat when she tires. There she can sit safely and sturdily and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the trail with the younger members of the WooFPak—her brothers!

As with more recent builds, the Bat Mush Mobile has fat tires to handle off-roading and rugged terrain. And in addition to the special seat for Princess, to hold extra cargo is a nice-looking wooden shelf carved to look like the Batman logo.

Another new addition to the design is that the Bat Mush Mobile is a single-speed cart. Over the years WooFDriver found that thanks to the dogs’ consistent pace, there is no need to change gears. The electric-assist provides any extra power that’s needed and the lack of gears minimizes problems with the cart on the trail because the chain doesn’t get skewed and caught up.

The Bat Mush Mobile’s illuminated undercarriage puts off a nice glow when going down the trails, which not only looks cool but also helps to better see the dogs and be more visible to others on the trail without blinding those they encounter with a headlight.

Assuming the role of a mountain bike, the cart uses standard AvidBB6 brakes which are strong systems that handle all the heavier braking needs, and the handlebars are designed in an L-shape to accommodate the comfort of the captain.

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