How did the WooFDriver get involved with urban mushing?

Bill got involved with urban mushing largely by happy accident (and definitely by necessity).

It started in 1996 with Czar Bear (seen above). Bill brought Czar Bear home and learned quickly that huskies indeed live up to their reputation for being an energetic breed, and his journey to becoming an urban musher was borne from the need to get some of Czar Bear’s energy out.
Bill started out with a bike and a tether. Attached to the bike, Czar Bear would run alongside Bill for long distances, and Bill could see the change in the husky almost immediately. Czar Bear was so much happier and satisfied when he ran, and Bill loved the rides, too. They both loved being out in nature running the trails.
It wasn’t long before another husky named Hudson,  joined the pack, and with the new pack member came the need for a new ride. Bill found the Sacco cart, made in Norway, which he used to run both dogs, but his imagination began churning. It wasn’t long before he started designing specialized rigs to take the dogs running.
Czar Bear and Hudson have passed on, but Bill has a veritable fleet of carts, which he runs with his pack of four dogs. Bill still loves being out on the trails, and he has lots of adventures to share.
You can read more about Bill, the fleet, the dogs, and the trails they run by clicking the links above.


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