Hot Rod Track Quad

Hot Rod Track Quad

The Hot Rod Track Quad was designed for running on a  sandy horse track where because the ground surface is soft, the dogs can run at quicker speeds giving them the chance to really get some energy out.

This Hot Rod is built out of aluminum and other lightweight materials and can run at higher speeds than any of the other ADVs. Designed with the sandy horse track in mind and because of the high speeds at which it runs, it also has bars to keep the dogs safely out of the wheels’ way. These wheel guard bars make The Hot Rod wider but width is not an issue at the track.

The seats reclines almost fully and also has a headrest. Combined with its Big Wheels which help the bike run efficiently on the sand, these attributes make it one of the most comfortable of the vehicles. It feels a lot like a mountain bike to ride and can cover some fairly challenging terrain.

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