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The newest addition to the WooFDriver fleet of Dog-Powered Go-Carts is the Bat Mush Mobile!

Built in SPRING 2018, the Bat Mush Mobile is the result of years of on-the-trail learning. WooFDriver views designing his Dog-Powered Go-Carts as an evolutionary process, perfecting them as he goes based upon his dogs needs and the terrain the WooFPAK encounters.

Painted Batman Gold, the Bat Mush Mobile is the first themed build, based on the infamous Batmobile. The design incorporates bat logo silhouettes placed in creative (sometimes inconspicuous) locations, and some even have red L.E.D. eyes.

Slightly wider than the narrowest Dog-Powered Go-Cart in WooFDriver’s fleet (the Monster Mush Mobile) by about two inches, the Bat Mush Mobile is about 34”, still under the standard 36” for most trail gates.

With a 1000-watt mid-drive Bafang motor, powered by two 52-volt lithium batteries, the Bat Mush Mobile has plenty of power. A tandem cart, WooFDriver can have a copilot for long trail runs, and the dogs are in standard position using springers like on his other carts.

What’s unique about the Bat Mush Mobile, is that it’s the first cart of the fleet designed specifically with WooFDriver’s older dog, Princess, in mind. Ever looking after his dogs’ needs, WooFDriver wanted to make sure Princess has a place to sit in her specially crafted dog seat when she tires. There she can sit safely and sturdily and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the trail with the younger members of the WooFPak—her brothers!

As with more recent builds, the Bat Mush Mobile has fat tires to handle off-roading and rugged terrain. And in addition to the special seat for Princess, to hold extra cargo is a nice-looking wooden shelf carved to look like the Batman logo.

Another new addition to the design is that the Bat Mush Mobile is a single-speed cart. Over the years WooFDriver found that thanks to the dogs’ consistent pace, there is no need to change gears. The electric-assist provides any extra power that’s needed and the lack of gears minimizes problems with the cart on the trail because the chain doesn’t get skewed and caught up.

The Bat Mush Mobile’s illuminated undercarriage puts off a nice glow when going down the trails, which not only looks cool but also helps to better see the dogs and be more visible to others on the trail without blinding those they encounter with a headlight.

Assuming the role of a mountain bike, the cart uses standard AvidBB6 brakes which are strong systems that handle all the heavier braking needs, and the handlebars are designed in an L-shape to accommodate the comfort of the captain.

The BigRig

A true workhorse, The BigRig is a tandem 4-wheel bicycle with an electric-assist motor that runs off two car style, marine grade batteries. The motor is capable of pulling the whole load with minimal pedaling, and the riders can simultaneously or independently pedal. The motor helps train the dogs to run and alleviates the load.

The BigRig has both regular and hydraulic brakes and also has three different parking brakes to prevent the dogs from pulling it when stopped.

A Sacco Cart style pull bar is mounted on the front end so it can be pulled by three dogs side by side, and U-Shaped dog attachments, called Springers, are attached to the sides.

The bike is equipped with a cooler and battery operated pump-driven misting system, designed by Bill, to help regulate the dogs’ temperatures, and an easily-attached canopy to shelter the riders.

Double Decker 4X4

The Double Decker 4X4 was given its name because the riders’ seat positions are at a higher level than where the dogs run and offer a new perspective for riders and dogs alike.

Built out of lightweight aluminum, The Double Decker is totally custom from the ground up.The goal was to make it as natural and comfortable for the dogs as possible, so it was designed to have multiple dog-connecting positions. This rig can accommodate different sized dogs and/or dogs with different gaits or stride lengths.

Bill considers it a true 4X4  because it rides four (or more) dogs and four people. Designed with sightseeing family trots in mind,  it sees most its action in the Shenandoah at a private location with the perfect running terrain and access to the Shenandoah River for cooldowns along the way.

Hot Rod Track Quad

The Hot Rod Track Quad was designed for running on a  sandy horse track where because the ground surface is soft, the dogs can run at quicker speeds giving them the chance to really get some energy out.

This Hot Rod is built out of aluminum and other lightweight materials and can run at higher speeds than any of the other ADVs. Designed with the sandy horse track in mind and because of the high speeds at which it runs, it also has bars to keep the dogs safely out of the wheels’ way. These wheel guard bars make The Hot Rod wider but width is not an issue at the track.

The seats reclines almost fully and also has a headrest. Combined with its Big Wheels which help the bike run efficiently on the sand, these attributes make it one of the most comfortable of the vehicles. It feels a lot like a mountain bike to ride and can cover some fairly challenging terrain.

The Low Glider

The Low Glider is a fluorescent yellow, two-seat recumbent bike built on a fairly conventional frame. The bike is one of the newest in the fleet and because it uses the newest technology it has fewer components and a simplicity to its design. It is lightweight, with fewer parts that can malfunction or break.

The Low Glider is one of two trikes in the fleet, (the rest are quads). Because of its minimalist design, the bike does not have all the same features as the other modern bikes. It cannot carry a large amount of water for the dogs, cameras, or back-up gear like rain suits and warmer clothing, but The Low Glider boasts one of the newest electronic motors, which has about 1ooo watts of power. Both riders can peddle The Low Glider independently or together. Torque and climbing ability took precedent over speed in the design of this bike.


The LowRyder is an incumbent trike Trike with a low riding position, placing the rider close to the dogs. This position is comfortable and when training, being at dog-level works great.

There are two ways to attach the dogs to this The LowRyder. The first is a Springer, which is excellent for running puppies. It keeps the stress off the puppies’ growing bones and gives them a little movement room so they can find their sweet spot next to the vehicle where they feel comfortable to run. The dogs can also be attached by U-bars. This is a little more confining for the dog, but it gives the driver more control.


The MushMonster is a recumbent tandem quad with a completely custom frame. It has fat tires which cause the bike to sit higher and give it a comfy ride. Despite its size, it’s very narrow—the narrowest of the fleet at 32 inches. It’s great for some of the narrower trails.

The MushMonster sports a 750-watt Bafang motor and uses the old lithium battery design, and It’s a little more equipped than some of the other bikes in the fleet, but It’s not as streamlined. It has a fancy bike rack built on the back and lots of interesting curves, including motorcycle-style handlebars.

Original Sacco Cart

The Original Sacco Cart was designed with mushing in mind! Its high-quality design is packed with features geared for both the professional musher and inexperienced rider alike. Designed for one or two dogs, its features include a hand-operated braking system, foldable seat, standing platform, heavy duty multi-terrain suspension, hand steering and dog tow bars that encourage proper pulling from your dogs. It is excellent for teaching the dogs steering commands, like Gee (Right Turn) and Haw (Left Turn) because you can steer and direct at the same time.

It has been used widely by professional mushers to train lead dogs for years but has also been enjoyed by recreational users with many different dog breeds. The Sacco Cart weighs 63 lbs and folds down for easy transport. It has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. and can easily accommodate a driver and a passenger.

Super Quad Low Ryder

The Super Quad Low Ryder is built out of lightweight aluminum and is totally custom from the ground up, designed with dog and human comfort, trail manageability, safety, and the ability to film and document trips in mind. It’s got a heavy-duty cargo rack, equipped to hold the misting system equipment for warmer weather touring.

With specific design parameters in mind during the building of the Super Quad, features include rear suspension, high cargo capacity, reversible rear seat, dog-running attachments, eco-speed electric system, and more.


The Trailster is basically a souped-up Sacco Cart designed to accommodate three dogs in front by utilizing one extra Sacco Cart spring loaded tow bar. It also has two Springers, one on each side, to tow additional dogs or puppies so they can ride, but don’t have to pull. This is great for older dogs, and puppies. It has a misting system for warmer weather running and a canopy to shelter the driver in adverse weather conditions.

WooF's Big Wheels

WooF’s Big Wheels is named after the Big Wheels trikes from childhood. It looks a lot like the Big Wheel except this trike has two wheels in front and one in the back.  It’s the only single-seater trike in the fleet. This bike is light and reliable, whereas the other single-seater which is a quad is heavy.

Woof’s Big Wheel’s components are minimal. A recumbent bike, it offers the same features as most the others, but it’s more simple and compact, but with fat wheels. The fat wheels are good for going over diverse terrain. They provide much more cushion and comfort, and you can let some air out of the tires to really absorb the ride. It’s a good bike for almost anyone who wants to get involved with dogs and urban mushing due to its lightweight design and comfort.

It’s adapted to hold a more conventional bike rack like those found on many two-wheel bikes, for water and other essentials.

Woof’s Big Wheel is painted Granny Smith apple green and has customized dog rails that keep the dogs nicely spaced away from the bike. The rails also provide a good way to put custom dog attachments. Because they are not welded on, they can slide to position the dogs closer or further apart.



The WooFWheeler is a two-wheel bike outfitted to run four dogs on Springers. The bike is outfitted with an electric-assist BIONIX motor setup which offers regenerative braking. It has a parking brake and a tripod support system so the dogs can’t pull it over when the rider is not on the bike.

Foldable for easy transport, the bike also sports covers over the wheels to protect the dogs from getting tangled in the spokes. Other accessories include: an iPod weather-resistant speaker and player, a water bag and snap on water bowls, rear-view mirrors, lights, a video camera, and a squeaky horn shaped like a lion.


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