The Fleet

Made up of twelve ADV’s (a.k.a., All Dog Vehicles) and seven WooFWheels (which require a human and/or motor to power), in terms of innovation and originality, the WooFDriver Fleet is unparalleled.

Largely designed and/or customized by Bill himself, the bikes and other vehicles were made with the dogs’ safety in mind. As technology progresses and the available materials improve, Bill’s bikes do, too.

Each bike is suited to different purposes and terrains. For instance, one of Bill’s newest bikes, The Low Glider, was intentionally designed to be minimalist and lightweight. In comparison, The BigRig, which is a tandem four-wheel bike, is a monster!

Check out Bill’s fleet:

The ADVsTheWooFWheels

(For something a little more comprehensive, don’t miss the vehicles page on WooFTek, where you will find the full specs on the fleet, as well as detailed descriptions, reviews, and other useful information about an array of equipment Bill uses on his adventures.)


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