Welcome to the wetter side of the WooFDriver… WooFDriver is a lifetime animal/wildlife advocate and enthusiast. He has an intense interest in the creatures of the seas both freshwater and salt water. 

Live webcam of one of WooFDriver's tanks

This interest and yearning WooFDriver has actually brought him to become an owner of an Aquarium/Pet Store which then inspired him to open a pet product wholesale business based on products he designed for the betterment of fish/animal husbandry. For almost 30 years WooFDriver’s Petscape Pet Products has been an outlet for him to bring better options and ideas for pet owners everywhere!
Through WooFDriver’s business and hobby dealings he’s been able to to call many creatures his family. From reptiles, birds, to fish, corals and invertebrates from all around the world. Some of the more exotic aquatic creatures that he has shared his home with include Seahorses, Starfish, Polypertus, Blue Arrowanna, Queen Trigger, Discus, Tulip Eels, Emperor Angel, Abba Abba Knifefish
Because of WooFDriver’s extensive history and knowledge especially of aquatic life as well as his very creative ability to think outside of the box or aquarium he will often house creatures that need expert care. He will also keep them in ways few ever thought was possible! This isn’t recommended for most as extreme care and extensive resources are needed to create the symmetry he strives for so please enjoy what you see in his undersea setups but understand the devotion that makes it possible
His latest oceanic habitat revolves around what he refers to as his Loch Ness monster which is actually a 30 inch green Moray eel, and an Emperor snapper, HiFin Snapper, Crosshatch triggerfish, Niger triggerfish, yellow tang, sailfin tang, blue hippo tang… and coming soon a porcupine puffer fish!
And his latest tropical freshwater undersea world includes:

Joe DeSantis of Aquatic Impressions in Baltimore Maryland installed the aquariums and does an amazing job maintaining them.  He is an expert resource in all the WooFDriver does with his fish and tanks. 

The custom curved glass tanks are truly one of a kind.  Custom designed and manufactured by Aquavim in New York.   The glass had to be made and imported from China because no company in America has the equipment to make such large pieces of glass.  The tanks are huge! 250 and 380 gallons!